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Color has always been an important part in the creation of images, in the development of my work as a visual artist. Paintings are images, as poetry are words and music, sounds. Images, words and sounds like emotions. Emotion of those who practice them and of those who observes them, from whom, somehow engages with them.

With white light and black light, reality, fiction. Two different realities, or two different fictions.

No jardim da cidade 1.jpg
No jardim da cidade 2 Luz.jpg

In this work I looked for a double reading, such as day and night, where what is seen in daylight is not exactly the same as what is seen with the night light.

No Jardim da Cidade

2008 - Acrílico s/ tela

130 x 89

Work exposed to black light.



More Works

In painting, the first excitement is in the colour, sometimes when I work with paints it's like savoring the colors... Spread them on the surface paper, canvas or fabric and the savor happens, the taste. The painting comes into being... a little more black, a little more blue, too cold, lines that arise, shapes that happen, these are words that do not say much, the painting is not said with words…painting is the happening of colours, shapes, lines, spaces, movement
and light... it’s my happening.

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