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In the loom the support is the warp that is composed of threads that can cause the Contrast or serve only to hold the Weft, which is what formalizes the Color, the Texture and consequently the final piece - the Weaving. Weaving that can be simple fabric or a Piece like a Jacket or waistcoats, depending on the Shape I give t. It's exciting to see a Piece emerge that we can use/wear.

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The artist has woven pieces that look like paintings and paintings that look like weaving. Painting and weaving are two almost inseparable forms of expressing herself.

I began this type of work on the art of weaving out of curiosity, it is a complex apparatus, but yet works in a simple way. The weaving is made by crossing the threads - Warp and -Weft. 

All that surrounding structure impresses, yet at the same time it has the delicacy of a musical instrument. It is an apparatus, (instrument / machine), almost without age, as there are references from 3,500 a.C.

Exhibited Works

What Zé Ventura does in the cultural field, is a recycling, not of fragments of textile, but of the soul and the techniques of the old fabrics, bringing together tradition and modernity, and changing, with her own elaboration of mind, and with the help of those magical tools of her body, her hands, the old into the new.



Silva Carriço - Exhibition Curator “As Cores do Tempo” - Galeria Sto Antonio, Monchique (2005).

Madalena Braz Teixeira - Director of Museu Nacional do Traje - “Cores Tecidas”, Lisboa (2002).

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